Incredibly detailed live game statistics

Dive into your games with next level statistics.

Automatic Updates

  • Analyze the game as you play - just Alt+Tab for the latest data.

Beautiful Minimap

  • Quickly skim through each game to uncover key turning points.
  • Each minimap shows:
    • Champion positions and deaths
    • Destroyed turrets
    • Destroyed inhibitors
    • Stealth and vision wards
    • All jungle camps
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Powerful Event Log

  • Discover the procession of events that lead to victory or defeat.
  • Each event log shows:
    • Champion kills
    • Turret kills
    • Inhibitor kills
    • Large monster kills
    • Item purchases

Detailed Graphs

  • Instantly identify the exact moment that started the snowball.

Expandable Statistics

  • Uncover the sources that make up each statistic.

Spell Breakdowns

  • Find out how many times each spell was cast and who it hit.

A paradise of statistics awaits.

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